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newbie :):)


my frend told me to join gothroach, so i did. i'll introduce myself. im h. im about 24 yers old and a girl from north atrtleboro, press 666 if u lik jesus and cock roaches. anyway!!!!
im a giant cock roach and i sing in some guy named joe
s apartment. its so cool becuz sometimes he getsso pised at me and stuff. and sumtimes he loves me. whateva so anyway, im a goth and im so excited to be here. i cant wait to meet other fewllow goths, especially the kind whore gothroaches like myself!@!! im rely intrested in what the gothroach communtiy is all abpout.

wil some1 pleez answer sum questions 4 me? :):) thank u

1. When and where did the GothRoach community originate?
2. Who is the Master/Mistress of the GothRoach community?
3. What types of activities does the GothRoach Community participate in?
4. What character traits must an individual acquire to blend in with the GothRoach Community?

plees answer these by mon. i need them for a history research project in scool. thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):)::):D:P:;)
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